Clear Aligner Therapy

March 22nd, 2018

I took this photo on Sept 8,2017 at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. The thing with taking photos of waterfalls is that you can never capture the sound which is a major key to it’s serenity.

Orthodontist have historically been restless individuals. What I mean by this is, orthodontist seek continuous improvement. This characteristic draw has made our profession a very innovative one. There have been innovations in the way we diagnose, use imaging, improve patient comfort, improve the patient experience, improve the speed of treatment, the access to treatment and the list goes on. Of all of the areas of improvement, I would argue that esthetics and hygiene have been of the greatest interest to the consumer. Consumer, of course, meaning You, the patient. Clear aligner therapy has met both of these concerns head on! Let me tell you about clear aligner therapy and touch on some of the frequently asked questions that I field.

What is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Orthodontics is traditionally performed using braces and arch wires. These appliances impose a force on a tooth that moves the tooth in three planes of space. Moving teeth in three planes of space is in sum called orthodontics. What if we took the braces out of the equation and were still able to move teeth in three planes of space? Clear aligner therapy is just that! A clear aligner is a tray that is custom adapted to your teeth. Using CAD/CAM technology, we are able to create a series of trays where by each tray moves each of the teeth in small increments. Orthodontists have mastered the bone and tooth biology as well as the force systems needed to move teeth. With our foundation of knowledge in this area, the same principles of tooth movement can now be applied using a system other than braces and wires.

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